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WATCH C2E2: Writer Mark Millar on Millarworld, Netflix, and DC vs Marvel Movies

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Apr 7, 2018, 5:43 PM EDT (Updated)

Mark Millar is arguably one of the great comic book writers in the world, known for such incredible series as Kickass, Kingsman: Secret Service, Red Son, Chrononauts, and, of course, Marvel's Civil War.

Through his creator-owned line Millarworld, Mark Millar invaded Hollywood, contributing to the newfound success of comic book movies and helping make comic book writing a lucrative genre that Stan Lee-era writers used to dream of. His books have been adapted into such movies as Logan and Wanted, and his method of optioning rights to his Millarworld series has changed the relationship between comics and Hollywood forever.

In 2017, Millarworld was sold to Netflix with Millar continuing his role as President while creating new television, movies and comics for the platform as well as bringing existing Millarworld creations to the small screen.


SYFY WIRE sat down with Mark Millar to talk about the recent acquisition of Millarworld, the first comic series he's writing for Netflix, The Magic Order, and why the DC movies don't rank up to the Marvel movies. Mark also updates us on our favorite series, including Chrononauts and Kingsmen, where they are in development, and what extra tidbits we have in store for 2018 and beyond.

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