WATCH: Captain Marvel's Kelly Sue DeConnick explains how comics have changed

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:16 AM EDT (Updated)

The world of comics has changed since Kelly Sue DeConnick was a kid. Back then, you could pick them up at a convenience store like 7-11 along with bubble gum, trading cards, and Jolly Ranchers all for the price of your weekly allowance. Today, you have to seek out comic book stores, which are, unfortunately, not as numerous as they once were.

DeConnick's a veteran writer in the comics industry, having helmed Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) for Marvel and Pretty Deadly and Bitch Planet for Image Comics. "The Marvel Universe is the longest running, continuous narrative in human history and I got to sew on that quilt and that is a big deal," she said during an interview with Syfy Wire. "One of the greatest priveleges of my life."

Nevertheless, the world of comics, both publishing and collecting are changing in three major ways, according to DeConnick. Things like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and digital resources like Wikipedia and Comixology have profoundly transformed the landscape of readership.

Check out our full interview with her below as she outlines the three major paradigm shifts she's noticed within the comics industry.


Additional reporting by Josh Weiss.