WATCH: Car passengers are on a ride to hell in hilarious Stranger Things-themed trip prank

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:17 AM EDT (Updated)

Netflix’s Stranger Things has struck some marketing deals with companies such as Eggo and Target. It makes sense: Eggos are a product featured in the series, whereas Target sells clothes and toys. One promo partner, however, may leave folks scratching their heads at first: the ride-sharing service Lyft.

However, one look at the video below and you might realize one thing: The team-up literally delivers a frighteningly spot-on payoff.

In the video, typical Lyft passengers are treated by a typical driver in a typical car. But then the navigation system starts to get a little… strange.


The reactions of the passengers are just what you expect: Apprehension. Fear. A bit of screaming. Trust us, it’s all worth it.

Stranger Things Season 2 hits Netflix on Friday.

(via Variety)