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Watch: Casper Van Dien talks Con Man and possible Starship Troopers connection

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Jul 22, 2017, 12:53 PM EDT

Yes, Con Man is coming to SYFY this fall, and that means more fans will be introduced to Casper Van Dien's character John Boutell. Boutell is one of the funniest running gags in the series -- he's the bartender at every bar in every city and location they find themselves in. Quite the gig!

"I didn't speak, really, in Season 1, I just shook my shaker as the bartender. But I got to have a conversation in Season 2 about a ... Starship ... troop," Van Dien told SYFY WIRE's Aaron Sagers with a chuckle at San Diego Comic-Con. "Con Man is fun because it honors the people that come to cons, the fans, they're really the heroes of the show. It's a lot of fun to do."

Of course, Van Dien is referencing his most famous sci-fi role, as Johnny Rico in Starship Troopers. Twenty years later, coming this year, he's returning to the role, voicing Johnny in an all-new animated film, Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars.

Watch the full interview below, including the hilarious clip from Con Man, and if you haven't watched the series yet (or just want to watch it again), tune in on SYFY in September!

Additional reporting by Lucas Siegel.