Watch cats recreate The Expanse Season 1

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May 4, 2017, 11:46 AM EDT (Updated)

Season 2 of Syfy's The Expanse is looming on the horizon, and feverish fans of the show are strapped in and ready for launch. To get viewers back up to speed on the happenings of the Rocinante crew, the protomolecule, the Belters versus the Earthers, the Eros experiment and those badass Martian Naval vessels, the network has enlisted the help of some curious cats to prepare you for the upcoming sophomore season. And who better to explain the details of last year's storyline than this bewhiskered band of prescient pussycats prowling the spaceways with their yowling interpretation of events?  

Grab a catnip smoothie and settle in for this purr-fect retelling of The Expanse Season 1 and tell us if you're scratching for the mighty military space opera's triumphant return on Feb. 1.

(Via io9)