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WATCH: Cheo Hodari Coker gives Marvel's Luke Cage spoilers

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Jun 25, 2018, 6:00 PM EDT

Spoilers are one thing. Spoilers directly from the showrunner of Luke Cage about what you can expect from Season 2 (and possibly Season 3, if it happens) are an entirely different species of spoiler. If you haven't gone through your marathon Netflix binge session yet, be warned.


Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodardi Coker really got under the superhero's invincible skin to let us in on everything we may or may not anticipate, from villains to unlikely inspirations to the potential third season you're probably dying for if you've already powered your way through the first two.

"We're trying to establish who Luke Cage is," Coker told SYFY WIRE in an exclusive interview. "To establish a baseline. Then once you establish that baseline, then you can make the departures."

If the Luke you encounter in this season seems more raw and badass, Coker credits that to the evolution of the character as his experiences through multiple story arcs continue to shape him. He imagines the fan reaction to Season 2 Luke as similar to finally getting your hands on the follow-up to an album you were obsessed with. The excitement is palpable.

Luke enters the scene with what Coker describes as "a certain swagger and energy" that's amplified now because it was slowly being established throughout all the criminal face-offs that infested the previous season. If you thought Luke Cage was devoid of personality, think again: The onscreen character is a quieter, more brooding version of his alter ego in the comics, and even different from the Luke we first met in Jessica Jones.

Coker backed up his belief that any criticisms about Luke's personality (or lack thereof) lingering from the first season will vanish once fans really get to know the character all over again. We might not be as familiar with Luke as well as we think we are — in fact, we might have just gotten acquainted with him.

"Mike Coulter visually and emotionally embodied Luke Cage in Season 1, but this season he goes even deeper," the showrunner teased. Sweet Christmas!

So who will be the next Big Bad? How likely is another season? What does all this have to do with The Godfather? You know you want to watch and find out.

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