Watch Christian Bale audition for Batman wearing Kilmer's Bat-cowl

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Sep 23, 2013

Before he helped reinvigorate the Batman franchise, Christian Bale had to try out, just like everyone else.

It's always interesting to see an actor at the beginning of their process. By now, we've seen the good and the ill of Christian Bale's take on the Dark Knight, but what was he like at the start, before Batman Begins even began filming?

Thankfully, now we can know. This footage from the Dark Knight boxed set shows Bale's screen test, and it's pretty easy to see why he landed the part.

Christian Bale auditions for Batman Begins in... by BatmanNewsCom

Yes, the trademark voice was there, even from the get. But that's not the only familiar voice. Listen again. That girl who's reading for Rachel -- does she sound familiar? She should, because she's Amy Adams aka Lois Lane in Man of Steel. This was, apparently, before she'd caught her big break and was just doing a favor for someone.

Can we also talk about the cowl Bale's wearing? It's actually the one Val Kilmer wore years earlier, and it looks pretty darn good. Say what you will about Batman Forever (and the infamous bat nipples), but that mask was still neat.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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