Watch comic artist Paul Azaceta explain, and draw, Outcast for us in real time

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Dec 2, 2016, 10:00 PM EST

Robert Kirkman’s other horror comic that isn’t The Walking Dead, the exorcism drama Outcast, is actually a pretty great read. One major component that brings the terror to life? The excellent art by Paul Azaceta.

So, we caught up with Azaceta to have him sketch out the series’ main character Kyle, while also walking us through the creative evolution of how the character has changed over the comic series’ runtime. If you’re a fan of the creative process when it comes to making comics, it’s a must-see. It’s always interesting to see how these drawings come to life, and it’s amazing just how quickly Azaceta can crank this sketch out. 

Outcast is ongoing now from Image Comics, and it’s also been adapted as a TV series on Cinemax (it is a Kirkman comic, after all).

Check out the interview and sketch below and let us know what you think: