Watch: Comic artist/writer Colleen Doran on being a female creator

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Mar 23, 2017

We spoke with veteran artist/writer Colleen Doran about being a woman in comics.

Colleen (whose work will soon be seen in the upcoming comics adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods) recalls a time when it was very rare for women to be working in the comics industry, which made for a sometimes difficult and frustrating working environment. There was an assumption that women aren't 'visual' -- and therefore can't draw. Enraging!

Colleen also reminisces about her relationship with the legendary Marie Severin, a prominent talent at Marvel and EC Comics. Marie could color, letter, ink, you name it ... and she was tough! 

Finally, Colleen offers some advice for up-and-coming comic book writers and artists: Make sure your inner compass is always pointed to true north!

Watch our interview below.

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