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WATCH: Comic fans tell us if Superman is still relevant

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Apr 25, 2018, 3:49 PM EDT (Updated)

80 years ago, Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster created Superman, the iconic character who stands head and shoulders above the numerous superheroes who followed his lead. For decades, the Man of Steel has been a pop culture phenomenon, and his exploits have become legendary. Movies, TV shows, and, most recently, SYFY's Krypton have continued to expand the mythology behind this remarkable creation. Superman's original comic book, Action Comics, recently reached a previously unheard-of benchmark with its 1,000th issue. 

But is the Man of Tomorrow still a man of the people? SYFY WIRE's Dany Roth recently traveled to Chicago's annual C2E2 to put the question directly to the fans: What does Superman mean today? Can Superman remain relevant when newer comic heroes are willing to cross lines that he never would? There’s no one better to start with than Superman's friend from the Daily Planet, Clark Kent!

Even among this crowd of comic lovers, there wasn't a consensus about Superman's current place in the world. At least one fan suggest that DC should roll back some of the changes they've made to Superman over the past few years in order to rediscover the qualities that made him special in the first place. And yet there were also earnest responses from cosplayers who were willing to break character just to passionately speak about Kal-El. There's just something about Superman's innate goodness that seems to penetrate the hearts of even the most cynical characters. That's a pretty impressive superpower in and of itself.

You can watch the entire video below!

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