Watch: Comics artist George Perez on The New Teen Titans and Titans TV show

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Jun 20, 2017, 2:00 PM EDT

The way George Perez remembers it, The New Teen Titans were a consolation prize.

In 1980, with Perez already a comics superstar off his hugely popular run on Marvel's The Avengers, DC Comics came calling. Perez had his sights set on a team book at Marvel's Distinguished Competition, only it wasn't the Teen Titans. It was the Justice League of America.

Only problem was DC wouldn't give him the JLA book. But then Marv Wolfman talked to Perez about his idea for reviving the Titans, and, after the artist secured a promise from DC to get an occasional shot at drawing the JLA, he joined Wolfman in launching the newest -- and most beloved -- era of the Titans.

We're just learning that the upcoming Titans TV series set to debut on DC's digital streaming service appears to include two popular characters Perez co-created: Raven and Starfire (Robin and Beast Boy, based on the casting information that's out there, seem sure bets to be the other members).

It's always interesting to hear what the creators of these characters expect from an adaptation of their work. When Perez sat down with SYFY WIRE contributing editor Mike Avila, he shared his rather practical thoughts on the series and discussed the events that brought him and Wolfman together to make comics history.