WATCH: Comics superstar Neal Adams sketches Deadman

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Nov 15, 2017, 4:00 PM EST

Native New Yorker Neal Adams is one of the true living legends of the comic book world and an influential artist who is still as entertaining and prolific as ever.

Adams revolutionized the way comics were drawn in the late '60s and early '70s with a dynamic style and visually arresting compositions on titles like Batman, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Superman, Green Arrow, House of Mystery and House of Secrets.

Oh, and did we mention he created or co-created characters like Ra's al Ghul, Green Lantern John Stewart, Mockingbird, Havok, Man-Bat, Malcolm Merlyn, Killraven, and Ms. Mystic?


Adams' latest creative endeavor is a return to his roots with DC's new six-issue Deadman title that dropped its first issue on November 1. The mini-series sees the phantom trapeze artist Boston Brand back in action, completing a story Adams drew (and eventually wrote) starting back on Strange Tales #206 in 1967 on one of his first major assignments.

Watch Adams sketch Deadman and observe a master of the medium at work!


"First, I never finished the story way back when," Adams told SYFY WIRE. "Second, the story is not about the adventures of Deadman, like the adventures of Batman or the adventures of Green Arrow. This story is about Deadman, he is bloody dead. This is the greatest story of his life. You don’t get dead and there not be consequences. This story is a BIG story. It is not metaphysical or any way weird. It’s just an incredible adventure. I caution everyone, read every word. Again, read every word."

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