Watch: Cyborg's Top 5 Justice League stories

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Nov 24, 2017, 5:33 PM EST (Updated)

Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, has been a DC Comics icon for 37 years. However, he's only recently joined Justice League — but he's definitely made it count.


Cyborg first officially joined the Justice League in 2010 in Justice League of America #41, joining the big leagues for the first time alongside his Teen Titans teammates Starfire, Donna Troy, and Dick Grayson, who was Batman at the time. Sadly, he didn't do much, mostly providing tech support, patching up Red Tornado and coordinating the team from headquarters. He was a bit wasted, but that version of the team didn't last long, because that version of the universe didn't last long.

Flash forward (pun intended) to 2011 and the DC Universe has been rewritten and rebooted following the reality-altering events of Flashpoint. When the Justice League was reintroduced, they were given an all-new origin, and Cyborg was made a founding member of the team. He joined with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman to battle Darkseid and was instrumental in their victory over the cosmic tyrant.

Ever since then, Cyborg has been a staple of the Justice League and has had more than his fair share of big saves and triumphs, earning himself a permanent spot in the roster, as well as fans' hearts, especially after he cements it on the big screen this weekend.

Now, as we've already done for Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman, we're bringing you the Top 5 biggest Cyborg moments from his time as a member of the comic book Justice League! Check out the video above — as well as our 2-minute history of the team and their 7 essential storylines — and be sure to let us know your favorite Cyborg stories, whether as a Leaguer, a Titan, or all on his own, in the comments below.


Art by Ivan Reis, Rod Reis, and George Perez

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