Watch: Dark Matter cast talks Ryo's dark turn and Three's strange love life

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

The world of Dark Matter just keeps getting more complex, as the cast continues to move forward from being just a group of numbered people and discover more about their pasts. That's the theme of Season 3, it seems - and just how those pasts affect the crew of the Raza.

Ryo, for example, as he's no longer going by simply "Four," has turned against the crew and become the big bad of the series. Actor Alex Mallari, Jr. tells SYFY WIRE's Tara Bennet at San Diego Comic-Con the positives and negatives of such a turn.

"It was tough not filming with the normal family that I've known and grown to love," Mallari said. "I got to play with his range of emotions even more!" He's said that he hasn't had as many fight sequences this season but thinks Ryo "has a great story arc ahead of him."

Jodelle Ferland's Five, meanwhile, has discovered she has a sister from her past life. While Ferland insists she doesn't know much more than the fans do at this point, she hopes to explore this relationship more in a potential next season, and teased at least a tidbit or two are coming this year.

"I only know what everyone else has seen," she said before adding coyly, "and maybe a little bit more in the rest of the season."

As for Three, well, his love life couldn't possibly be more complicated as he's currently involved with Sarah - who is currently nothing more than a digital consciousness.

"It could only be Three, really, that would have this land on his head, because he's so anti-technology, so anti-robots," actor Anthony Lemke said. "I think it's a wonderful storyline for my character to be able to play."

Check out the video for their full teases, and find out the crazy Comic-Con moment Ferland got to experience just before the interview!

Additional Reporting by Lucas Siegel.http://www.syfy.com/author/lucas-siegel

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