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May 23, 2017, 6:22 PM EDT (Updated)

When last we left Dark Matter in the Season 2 finale, the crew of the Raza – Two, Three, Five, Six and the Android – were trying to stop the Ferrous Corporation from starting intergalactic corporate war by blowing up a space station where different companies were meeting.

Ryo, formerly Four, had reclaimed his throne as Emperor of Zairon and was down with the corporate war, as it would benefit his planet. He also stole the Blink Drive, a powerful teleportation device, from his old crewmates. His right-hand woman, Misaki, offed Ryo’s love interest, newbie Raza member Nyx. The season ended with Two, Three and Six seemingly blown up in the explosion, while the Android and Five (working a blond wig) watched helplessly.

Well, guess what! Two, Three and Six aren’t dead, because, well, there probably wouldn’t be a Season 3 if they were. And there is a Season 3! And here’s the trailer:

So, it seems like Ryo is enemy #1 with his former teammates and the Android is packing some serious heat.

Dark Matter returns to Syfy with a two-hour premiere on Friday, June 9, at 8/7c.

Added bonus – this season the network is adding an after show – After Dark (heh) – which will be hosted by Zoie Palmer (The Android). Each installment (one for each episode) will feature cast and producers, alongside reporters (including Syfy Wire’s very own Tricia Ennis) to break down all the events. It’ll debut on’s Dark Matter site after each episode airs.

So, what’d you think of the trailer? And what are your predictions for Season 3?

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