WATCH: Darkseid in 2 Minutes

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:20 AM EDT (Updated)

He's the ruler of Apokolips. He's the greatest enemy of free will in any universe. He's the biggest, baddest, and currently baby-est villain of them all. He's Darkseid, and Darkseid is.


Created by Jack Kirby as the tyrannical overlord opposing the New Gods, Darkseid quickly grew out of the pages of the Fourth World comic books to become the DC Universe's most feared evil entity. With a planet-sized army of Parademons, the ability to emit deadly Omega Beams from his eyes, and the knowledge of the reality-altering Anti-Life Equation, there are few characters who embody the horrors of fascism, egotism, and obsession quite like Darkseid.

But we can't let Darkseid win, so we're standing up to him and explaining the god-emperor of Apokolips' entire history in just 2 Minutes. Check out the video above, in which SYFY WIRE's Jackie Jennings tears through everything you need to know about Darkseid, from his creation, to his family squabbles, biggest victories, and his return as the inciting incident in the formation of the new Justice League.

There's sure to be lots more Darkseid in our anti-lives in the future as the DC Extended Universe builds to his arrival and comics like Mister Miracle explore the New Gods mythology, so take this opportunity to get the lowdown on the scariest bad guy ever — even if he is a baby right now.