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WATCH: Dave Bautista and Jodie Foster are new BFFs thanks to Hotel Artemis

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May 23, 2018, 10:20 PM EDT

There's no denying that Jodie Foster and Dave Bautista make for an unlikely pair in writer-director Drew Pearce's dystopian movie, Hotel Artemis. Foster plays the role of the Nurse, who runs a secret members-only hospital for criminals, while the Avengers: Infinity War and Guardians of the Galaxy star plays her devoted assistant, Everest.

The duo sat down for an interview with SYFY WIRE during a recent press event where they talked about what first attracted them to their roles. For the Silence of the Lambs star, it was that her character was "in her 70s, her teeth are yellow and she clearly has an alcohol problem."

For Bautista, the actor revealed that he signed on because of the Oscar-winning actress — before he even read the script. "I signed up before I read the script and I didn't need to know more than I would be working with Jodie," Bautista told us. Then he explained that after he did indeed read the script, he wanted to make a few changes.

Foster also revealed she was very enthusiastic about Bautista getting to play her nursing assistant in the movie. "I loved it," Foster said. "He was the next piece of casting right after me. I think Drew just went, 'Yes! Dave Bautista!' It's on the page, but I feel like just the connection between the two of us... we're really able to evolve that relationship. It's the real love story of the movie: The mother-son love story of the movie where you know that these two people care for each other because they keep saying mean things to one another. There's a lot of like... unsaid dynamic in there."

Foster then went on to discuss returning to acting after a couple of years (her last big screen role was in 2013's Elysium) and what type of character she would still like to play. Check out our exclusive interview, and let us know if you'll be checking into Hotel Artemis on June 8.

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