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WATCH: David Mack on American Gods, Neil Gaiman, Daredevil, and more!

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Nov 27, 2018, 5:20 PM EST (Updated)

There are very few comic creators who can match the output of David Mack. He’s made a name for himself as both a writer and an artist, and he’s got an increasingly full dance card to show for it. In addition to his new creator-owned comic, Cover, with DC and Brian Michael Bendis, Mack is a frequent collaborator with acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman. Mack is currently providing covers for the comic book adaptation of Gaiman’s American Gods, and he’s also produced some special prints for Gaiman’s prose. When SYFY WIRE caught up with Mack at New York Comic Con, he also dropped a hint about something new with Gaiman’s upcoming television projects.

“I did some stuff for [Gaiman’s] TV shows,” said Mack. “It’ll be on the end of his TV shows Good Omens and American Gods. I won’t spoil anything.”

Mack’s signature comic project is Kabuki, which he created back in 1994. Kabuki’s signature art style helped Mack get one of his first Marvel projects nearly two decades ago, as a part of the Marvel Knights Daredevil series.

“That very first Kabuki volume got me the invitation to write Daredevil at Marvel,” recalled Mack. “It has the origin of Wilson Fisk... In Season 1 of the Daredevil Netflix series, my favorite part of that was the Wilson Fisk stuff with Vincent D'Onofrio. A lot of that is kind of based on a story I wrote 20 years ago.”

Additionally, Mack also told us about the challenges of writing characters he didn’t create and keeping Daredevil true to the stories that came before him. For more from Mack, check out the entire video. Then leave us a comment below!