WATCH: Deathstroke comic writer on cutting through the hype and finding Slade

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Nov 8, 2016, 5:26 PM EST

Veteran comic writer Christopher Priest recently returned to the medium to take on DC Comics’ new Deathstroke series, so we asked him what about the character lured him back.

Priest told us he was intrigued by the character largely because he knew so little about Slade Wilson, and wanted to tackle a character who wasn’t a person of color (because he said those are typically the characters he’s offered). Along with knowing next to nothing about Deathstroke, Priest said he’d also never written a villain, and wanted a chance to flex those writing muscles on a ‘book like this.

Since he knew so little about Deathstroke, Priest said it gave him a chance to really evaluate the character on his own merits. Outside of the success the character had on Arrow, and the fact that he’s gearing up to be the big bad in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie. Priest said he put all that aside to see what he wanted to actually explore within the character, and he found an interesting angle by circling back to Slade’s friendship with the character Wintergreen, and how he just can’t escape this life.

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think: