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Watch: Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall talks vision for series in new featurette

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Oct 10, 2018, 5:06 PM EDT

Now that the world has seen Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor (and based on those ratings, it really does appear most of the world has seen that premiere episode), a new featurette on new showrunner Chris Chibnall’s vision for Doctor Who going forward has been released. In it, Chibnall & Co. talk about striking the balance between being a brand-new show and still being familiar to lifelong fans. 

"With a new Doctor, you've got a new beginning, a new opportunity for people to join the show as viewers," says Chibnall in the featurette. "It's a great time to remind people of how amazing Doctor Who is."

Chibnall adds: “If you’ve seen Doctor Who before and hope that we’re going to be giving you all the stuff you love. If you’ve never seen it before, then this is the place to start.”

For months now, Chibnall & Co. have been saying this new season should be a great starting point for people who have never seen the show. And he clearly doubles down on that here, as does the cast.

“The direction that he’s taking it is still loyal to the world that it’s in,” says Whittaker in the featurette. 

Meanwhile, Tosin Cole, the actor who plays Ryan (one of The Doctor’s new companions) in the latest season, says in the featurette that Chibnall “wants to make the show new” and ensure that “the show feels like a new show.”

Check it out below:


The 11th season of Doctor Who, which features no previously-encountered villains, consists of 10 standalone episodes. “Every episode is a contained story,” says Whittaker.

Doctor Who airs on Sundays on BBC America.