Watch Elizabeth Olsen coyly dodge Scarlet Witch/Avengers 2 questions

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Nov 17, 2014, 4:40 PM EST (Updated)

The rumor mill has been churning that Elizabeth Olsen will join up with the Avengers as the Marvel character Scarlet Witch — so what does she have to say about it? Not much, though she says it very awkwardly.

The folks at MTV had a sit-down with the indie actress and asked her all about her rumored role in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Of course, since she’s reportedly still in negotiations, she can’t actually comment on the role — so sit back and watch her squirm.

Here’s what she had to say, basically, but it’s way more fun on video:

"I've been rumored about lots of things ... I grew up loving comic books and sci-fi," explained Olsen. "I think that's how everyone's first love for movies [develops], [by enjoying that] kind of entertainment as kids. I think those movies are great. I'd love to do something like that ... I never read [Scarlett Witch’s appearances]. I just know comic books from my brother. No, that's not a character that I'm really well aware of until, you know, the internet."

Now, check out a clip of the interview below and let us know what you think she’s hiding:

(Via MTV)

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