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WATCH: Emerald City Comic Con recap: Who Won the Week for March 5-9

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Mar 12, 2018, 3:45 PM EDT

Being super-duper busy with our live stream coverage of Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, we had to skip last week's video edition of Who Won the Week. However, we are now back full force for our newest installment, and you know what we had to talk about, right? Yep. You guessed it: ECCC 2018.

For the March 5-9 edition of Who Won the Week (specially re-dubbed Who Won the Con for this one), SYFY WIRE has reunited Who Won the Week podcast co-hosts Dany Roth and Karama Horne and they are joined on our Live Stage couch by Andre Meadows, co-host of SYFY's Geekly Snapchat show.

We had so many great things and interviews to share with you all during the four-day event that choosing one (or two) proved to be a bit daunting. Still, we were more than up to the challenge.

For Meadows, what won the con was the appearance of Geek Queen Felicia Day for one of our many Live Stage interviews while Karama had not one but two things that really made the con for her. The first thing was her interview with the one and only Chris Claremont, while the second was meeting American Gods' Ricky Whittle. For Dany, the highlight of the con was talking to Wendy and Richard Pini, the creators of the long-running Elfquest comic book series.

Who Won the Con for you?

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