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WATCH: Everything you didn't know about John Carpenter's Halloween

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Oct 18, 2018, 3:44 PM EDT (Updated)

Is Halloween one of the movies you stream on repeat around Halloween? However many times you've seen the ghastly mask of Michael Myers appear in random places as he terrorizes Haddonfield with a kitchen knife that was definitely not for carving jack-o-lanterns, there are still things you probably never had any idea were creeping behind the neighbors' clothesline.

What you now recognize as one of the most iconic horror movies of all time almost made it to theaters as The Babysitter Murders. While that is literally what it's about, the name just doesn't stab you as much as Halloween, because… it was the night he came home.

John Carpenter’s budget for the film was barely trick-or-treat candy. The screenplay was hacked and slashed together in only two weeks, and that terrifying score was composed and recorded in about as much time. Carpenter also had to find creative ways around the expenses of costumes and props and turning a decrepit house that had been abandoned for years into a movie set.

Halloween was filmed in the spring. In California. Palm trees that were constantly getting in the way of the camera needed to be blocked out, but that still didn't solve the problem of what was supposed to be an autumn set being surrounded by lush green lawns and trees. The solution? Bags and bags of dry leaves that were scattered all over the grass... though that still didn’t do much for the trees, which Carpenter would have given a makeover if he'd had the extra money. Forty years later, it's still spring in California even with all those pumpkins.

What about that infamous mask? It started out as Captain Kirk. The party store version of William Shatner's face was stretched out and spray-painted into the serial killer we now know as Michael Myers.

Now that you're dying to know more about how what started out as low-budget B-horror ended up smashing the box office, watch the video before the bogeyman gets you.