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WATCH: Everything you didn't know about Silverhawks

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Dec 8, 2018, 10:58 AM EST (Updated)

Over 30 years ago, SilverHawks came to our TV screens all the way from the Limbo Galaxy. They didn’t stay long, since the animated series only ran for a single season of 65 episodes. And the SilverHawks simply haven’t had the staying power of their fellow Rankin/Bass series, ThunderCats. In fact, there wouldn’t have even been a SilverHawks show without the noble humanoid cats from Thundera. In SYFY WIRE’s latest video, we’re tracking the brief history of the SilverHawks, and all of the ways that it was tied to the ThunderCats.

If both shows had been launched today, a SilverHawks and ThunderCats shared universe would probably exist. The two shows already shared voice actors, creative teams, and even the same character dynamics. Calling the SilverHawks “the ThunderCats in space” isn’t exactly inaccurate. And yet the ThunderCats have had two revivals and the SilverHawks haven’t had much luck getting a second lease on life.

Perhaps having a catchy theme song can only take a show so far. However, just because the SilverHawks were probably created to sell toys, it doesn’t mean that the show didn’t have some cool ideas and character designs. Although it has to be said that the names of the heroes and villains weren’t particularly creative. Mumbo Jumbo and Yes-Man spring to mind as examples.

Yet we can’t say that we wouldn’t be interested in seeing more of the worlds depicted in the series. And hey, there’s always a chance that we’ll see the SilverHawks take flight again someday. What did you think about the SilverHawks? And what would you want to see in a revival series? Let us know in the comment section below!

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