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WATCH: Everything you didn't know about the Mortal Kombat movie

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Oct 29, 2018, 3:02 PM EDT (Updated)

Do you remember officially not being allowed to play Mortal Kombat, but sneaking into the arcade and using your last few quarters to knock off a few fatalities?

As you can see in this all-encompassing Mortal Kombat video, the game that ate so many teenage souls was partly responsible for spawning video game ratings (to the relief of parents everywhere) in the first place. The adaptation punched, kicked, and flipped its way to the big screen in 1995 when director Paul W.S. Anderson turned those pixelated characters into three-dimensional humans and Outworld species.

Because everyone knew legions of teens would be swarming theaters everywhere —and that a human fatality would end up in an R rating — Anderson also managed to make it PG-13, even as fans who saw previews clamored for more bloody fight scenes. That must have been painful.

Another thing you may not know, even if you have seen this movie 500 times, is that Goro was a drama queen in real life. No, really. This Hulk-ified orc of a Shokan Prince was a real diva when it came time to actually getting on set. The four-limbed, 120-pound animatronic suit that needed up to 16 puppeteers at a time was so hulking and complex that it often broke down and held up production. Goro would do that.

Are you addicted to the techno soundtrack? You probably had no idea it was turned down by two major studios, both of which must have had major regrets when it went platinum — no word on whether those pooh-poohing execs had their life essences sucked out by Shang Tsung. They just didn’t think this kind of electronica was the type of thing people wanted to listen to. But they obviously weren’t thinking of the type of thing gamers were used to hearing while they blasted digital enemies.

If you want to know how that soundtrack came into being or or how many broken ribs it took to get a fight right, watch the video above or below, and hang on to your soul.