Watch: Everything you need to know about Ghost Rider

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May 1, 2017

From his origins as a horse-riding spirit of vengeance to his latest incarnation that cruises around in an invincible muscle car, Marvel’s Ghost Rider has come a long way. So let us break it all down in six minutes or less.

The first version, sometimes called the Phantom Rider, paved the way for Johnny Blaze’s premiere in 1972 — the biker with a flaming skull that most fans identify with the character (it’s also the version immortalized on the big screen by Nic Cage). But there’s a whole lot more to Ghost Rider than you might realize. Like, did you know his powers are among the few that can actually bring The Hulk to his knees? It’s true! Oh, and did you know there was a female Ghost Rider back in the day? Or a T-Rex Ghost Rider from an alternate reality?

Yeah, it only gets weirder.

Check out our feature below for everything you need to know about Ghost Rider:


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