WATCH: Everything you need to know about Black Panther in 2 minutes

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Feb 6, 2018, 2:30 PM EST

Have you pre-ordered your tickets for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther yet? Chances are, the bigger city you live in, the harder it will be to get a ticket on opening weekend ... and based on early reviews, this is not an MCU film you want to be late on seeing.

Meanwhile, how well-versed are you in T'Challa's history, pivotal stories and essential characters? Did you know he was an Avenger? Did you know he was a member of the Fantastic Four? What about his time served as the Man Without Fear?

Black Panther has over 50 years of history behind him, and in case you don't know much of it or just need a refresher before the festivities begin, we've run down Everything you need to know about Black Panther in 2 Minutes. In this original SYFY WIRE video, we cram as many important storylines, supporting cast members, and landmark moments in Black Panther's history in the span of 120 seconds.

Check it out below!