Watch: Expect more science fiction in Season 2 of Colony

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Jul 24, 2016, 7:17 PM EDT

Colony is a USA TV series about how people survive and adapt to the invasion of Earth by aliens known as the Hosts. And after chatting with executive producer Ryan Condal and stars Sarah Wayne Callies (Katie), Josh Holloway (Will), Peter Jacobson (Proxy Snyder), Adrian Pasdar (Nolan), and Amanda Righetti (Maddie), Blastr has some tidbits about the upcoming second season.

Executive producer Ryan Condal says that Season 2 is going to be darker—which is kinda scary. After all, this is a show about a world under the thumb of a totalitarian alien government, a Resistance that’s struggling to regain control, and double agents. But since “dark” has become television shorthand for “sudden death,” I would bet money that not every actor currently onscreen will remain there.

There will also be more science fiction in the show, which is also television shorthand for “special effects.” Does that mean we’ll be actually get to meet the Hosts, whose perception of time is different than ours? Ooo, yes please.