Watch The Fantastic Four teaser trailer with commentary by Josh Trank and Simon Kinberg

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Jan 27, 2015, 6:41 PM EST (Updated)

Not long after Fox finally released the first teaser trailer for The Fantastic Four, Yahoo! Movies shared another version of the trailer in which we get some insightful commentary from director Josh Trank and screenwriter-producer Simon Kinberg.

So if you guys were wondering, “What the heck was he thinking?” when Trank sorta non-pitched his idea for a modern take on the Fantastic Four to Stan Lee, and what Stan the Man’s reaction was when the Chronicle director told him he wanted to make a serious sci-fi movie by putting the "science" in "science fiction," then this is a must. If you weren't wondering that at all, it's still a must.

The dynamic duo break down the trailer, talking about what inspired Trank to make the movie — that would be Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar’s Ultimate Fantastic Four comic books, illustrated by Joe Kubert (one illustration in particular moved him) — and why they chose Jamie Bell, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara to portray the four members of Marvel’s first family of superheroes, as well as the importance of using mo-cap to bring the Thing, played by Bell, to rocky life.

Have a look:

What do you think of Simon Kinberg and Josh Trank’s commentary on the first teaser trailer for The Fantastic Four? You can watch the trailer in all its non-commentary glory right here.

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