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Aug 20, 2015, 3:42 PM EDT

Over the last couple of months, as substantial footage and details about The Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead have surfaced, the show's gotten more and more intriguing. Initially, I thought the show sounded a little redundant, I wasn't impressed with the title, and I wasn't sure I cared to follow another group of characters as they battled the same zombie apocalypse as Rick Grimes and his crew, only a few states to the west. The more I see of the show, though, the more interesting it seems. I like the idea of watching the world fall apart from the very beginning, and I like that while the early seasons of The Walking Dead were about Rick finding and securing a family, Fear the Walking Dead seems set up as a story about keeping a family together as all hell breaks loose.

Now, after all those trailers and featurettes, the first scene from the show has arrived to give a clear taste of how Fear the Walking Dead will begin laying out its zombie horror. Like The Walking Dead, it begins with someone -- specifically, Nick (Frank Dillane) -- waking up, but Nick's not waking up from a coma. He's waking up from a bender, in a messy church basement somewhere in L.A. He's alone and a little disoriented, and it's very quiet, but as Nick begins to look for the rest of his friends, he finds something horrific. Check it out:


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