Watch the first 3 minutes of Killjoys Season 2 right now

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Jun 21, 2016, 12:14 PM EDT

The Killjoys season 2 countdown to the July 1st debut is almost over, but if you're anything like me, you've been jonesing for any sort of new Killjoys news or footage since the season one finale.

Good news –– I have your fix.

Variety has a first look at the opening three minutes of the premiere and it's everything you love about Killjoys on steroids. 

There's a lot going on in a very short amount of time, but it's pretty obvious that showrunner Michelle Lovretta's promise that this season wouldn't be pulling punches is in full force.

Killjoys has also gotten a new opening credits sequence. If I'm being honest, I'm not sure what I think about it, but this show has never really done what I've expected, so why should it start now?


If you're not caught up on season one yet, may I suggest you head over to Syfy and watch it

Killjoys season 2 premieres July 1 on Syfy.

(Via Variety)