Watch four former Doctors weigh in on whether age matters on Doctor Who

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Apr 24, 2014, 7:17 PM EDT

A new video from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration has just been released showing former Time Lords Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker and Tom Baker poking quite a bit of fun at David Tennant and Matt Smith.

The big question, in the wake of the casting of Peter Capaldi -- the oldest actor yet to be cast in the role -- as the Tweltfh Doctor following Matt Smith as the youngest Doctor ever cast: Does age really matter in playing the beloved Time Lord on Doctor Who?

Watch as a rather funny discussion ensues, with the veterans having some fun with Smith's youthfulness ... although they apparently also have a lot of respect for his work.

Have a look:

We can't help but agree that David Tennant's tenure on the long-running sci-fi series is, without a doubt, responsible for bringing in a new, massively female audience, and that Smith also appealed to a younger generation. But what say you? Do you prefer your Doctor older, or younger? Or does it not matter at all when we're talking about a 900-year-old alien? 

(via The Mary Sue)