WATCH: Frank Grillo says his Netflix movie's stunts will blow you off the road

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Oct 11, 2017, 10:00 AM EDT

Get ready for a gritty getaway movie that may just blow Edgar Wright and Ryan Gosling out of the water. Wheelman (written and directed by Jeremy Rush) comes to Netflix on October 20, and star Frank Grillo promises it will be a quasi-throwback to the crime films of the 1970s that contain iconic car chases, like Bullitt and The French Connection.

"It's gritty and it's real ... 82 minutes of pure adrenaline, high-octane, '70s style filmmaking," he told SYFY WIRE.


Grillo plays a seasoned getaway driver and loving family man forced to hunt down the people who double-crossed him. With its earbud-wearing protagonist in the trailer, it will no doubt be compared to Baby Driver (and even Drive), but Frank says this movie is in another league. Production did, however, tap Baby Driver stuntman Jeremy Fry for some of the more intensive driving parts. Nevertheless, all the stunts in Wheelman are practical, says Rush, an amateur driving enthusiast.

Will Grillo and Rush's project be another beloved addition to the getaway driver renaissance? Watch our NYCC interview with the pair to find out what they say!


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