Watch geeky dad-to-be teach his unborn kid about Star Trek

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Jan 19, 2021, 2:12 PM EST (Updated)

Can it ever be too early to learn about Star Trek?

Polls have shown that the biggest Trekkies got into the franchise at a young age. Some of us can even recall that moment we got our first taste and became instantly hooked. Now one father in training is hoping to take things to a whole new level by reading Trek-related fare to his baby while it's still in utero.

You see, babies develop ears at around 23 weeks, so, technically, from that point on they can hear everything you're saying. Sound a little over the top? It is.

Here's the video evidence that will, one day, embarrass the heck out of this guy's poor kid.

One minor criticism here -- what's with all the technical manuals? Does he want the kid to slip into some kind of fetal coma? Why not read from a script instead? Maybe act out some of the parts? You could even got mom involved! Either that or choose one of those Trek novels. We'd recommend Peter David's Q, Who? Complex multiverse be damned -- that is some ace storytelling. If the baby can process any of that, he'll be a genius for sure!

 (via Chris Ullrich)

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