Geeky Gift Guide

Watch: Geeky Gift Guide for all-purpose nerds

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Mar 26, 2021, 10:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Some friends just weren’t meant to have super personalized presents. There’s a reason geeks are pop culture fiends, and that’s because geeky stuff is (now) some of the most popular. That means the well-rounded nerd knows to spread their enthusiasm over a wide variety of topics, be they sci-fi, fantasy, or superheroic.

That means you’re going to need a wide-ranging guide to get you going now that the holidays are upon us. Does the fan in your life need new kitchenware? Well, we’ve got some Game of Thrones eggs that contain salt and/or pepper instead of geopolitical upheaval in the shape of dragons. Did your mom go gaga for Wonder Woman? A glossy hardcover of one of Diana’s greatest adventures can scratch that itch like Justice League refused to do.

Perfect for odd and edds, stocking stuffers, and desk decorations for your resident dweeb, this guide has something for enthusiasts of all flavors. Watch below.