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WATCH: Get the Nightflyers VR experience with three virtual reality short films

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Nov 19, 2018, 4:24 PM EST (Updated)

Next month, George R.R. Martin’s science fiction and horror novella, Nightflyers, is coming to SYFY as a new original series. But before the series premiere on Sunday, December 2, SYFY is giving viewers a chance to step on board the Nightflyer itself in three original virtual reality shorts.

The VR shorts focus on Nightflyers characters Murphy (Phillip Rhys), Thale (Sam Strike), and Lommie (Maya Eshet), as well as three new characters who will only appearing in the virtual reality shorts, all of which were written and directed by showrunner and executive producer Jeff Buhler, in collaboration with Justin Denton.

These VR chapters are supplementary stories that were filmed during production of the first season. Essentially, they are standalone vignettes that complement the arc of the season.

They also give viewers the chance to experience life on the Nightflyer!

"The VR featured in the three-episode release for Nightflyers is absolutely stunning, giving viewers an intense and fully encapsulating trip through the terrifying world Martin has created," says Matthew Chiavelli, Senior Vice President of SYFY Digital. "SYFY is the perfect network to bring the VR fan experience to life because the brand has always been at the forefront of embracing advancements in the media landscape and our fans match that technological pioneering spirit of innovation."

The best way to enjoy these shorts is with a virtual reality headset, but they can still be viewed on the standard YouTube player.

Chapter 1: ALARM:

Chapter 2: TUNNEL:

Chapter 3: CIRCLE:

George R.R. Martin shared a few thoughts about the new Nightflyer VR shorts, including his prediction about what it could mean for the future of entertainment.

"Well, I don't know if it'll particularly help me because I'm a million years old. But what I think it potentially is, it is a new art form.

"I don't think it's a mature art form yet. The technology is not mature and we haven’t really figured out how to tell stories for it, but I think, 20 years from now, 30 years from now, maybe sooner, it may replace television and film and other things as a totally immersive sort of art form that you can, not only, you know, like read a book or watch a television show, but you can live an adventure. You can go into the world and your senses will engage, you'll see things, you’ll do things — the choices you make will affect the story in one way or another.

"And that’s [an] exciting possibility. But I think we may be like the theater before Shakespeare, you know? There were plays before Shakespeare, but it was the Elizabethan theatre that really made the theatre come alive. And of course, movies began with little, real things of trains arriving at the station and then eventually we got up to Star Wars. So there's a lot of maturation that has to go, but I think it is potentially a really exciting new art form for the future."

Nightflyers premieres on SYFY on December 2.