WATCH: Gotham's Drew Powell on his reveal as Solomon Grundy

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Oct 20, 2017, 1:09 PM EDT (Updated)

SPOILER WARNING: Minor spoilers from last night's Gotham episode!

Solomon Grundy is one of the classic villains of Batman’s rogues gallery, and in last night’s episode, "The Blade's Path,” he finally made his way to Gotham. The person who's most excited to see the undead man come to life may very well be actor Drew Powell. We spoke with Powell yesterday just before the show aired, and he shared his firsthand insight about the character and the big reveal.

Powell had been playing Butch for the last three years in Gotham, first as a henchmen, then as his very own criminal, before Barbara Kean put a bullet in his brain in the Season 3 finale. He didn’t stay dead for long.

Although Powell said that Gotham has its moments of horror, his character isn’t a typical monster: “I think that’s what’s cool about Grundy. There’s stuff about Grundy that’s scary, and there’s stuff about Grundy that’s funny.”

When Grundy first appears on the show, he meets Edward Nygma—a person Butch had hated for torturing him and Tabitha, as well as taking her hand. But Powell explains that Grundy doesn’t remember that. “The two of them end up with this Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello relationship.”

Want to see more Nygma and Grundy hijinks? Of course. But we can’t imagine that kind of relationship will last for long; alliances shift as quickly as the actors can turn a script page. It’s part of what we love about Gotham: With friendship and betrayals and its never-say-die deaths, it always has a way of surprising you.

Check out the interview below, then let us know what you think Gotham has in store for Solomon Grundy.

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