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Watch GRRM smash the guitar of those guys who sang he should write faster

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Jul 19, 2013, 11:46 AM EDT

Remember those guys who told George R.R. Martin to “write like the wind” in that awesomely funny music video? Well, as it so happens, Martin does, too.

Martin finally got his sweet, sweet revenge when he showed up during a performance and smashed up Paul and Storm’s guitar. The A Song of Ice and Fire author was also helped in his endeavor by Neil Gaiman himself.

The whole thing is done in good fun, though, and Paul and Storm were also made to "apologize" to both Martin and Gaiman.

Have a look at what started it all!

Nope, George R.R. Martin is definitely not your bitch, guys. Still, please write like the wind, George.

(via Westeros)