Watch the guy who plays Walking Dead's Governor gets scared by a zombie IRL

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Nov 15, 2013

So you think the Governor's a real tough guy, huh?

Sometimes the viewing audience of a show needs a good reminding that actors are often nothing like the characters they protray. Take David Morrissey, for example. He's recently made quite the name for himself as the megalomaniacal Governor on The Walking Dead. He's also done musical TV shows like Blackpool, and he played the guy who turned out not to actually be the Doctor in The Next Doctor.

But nobody thinks about that anymore. You see Morrissey and it's all Governor, all the time.

Thankfully, Ellen Degeneres had Morrissey on her show and played a zombie-themed prank on him that serves as a reality check on what the actor is actually like.

You see? He's just as much of a wuss about the whole zombie armageddon thing as everyone else! Although, looking at him after the fact, he does look a little bit like he wants to enact some Governor-style revenge. Maybe he's more like that character than we're giving him credit for?

(via Uproxx)

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