Watch: The Secret Origin of Harley Quinn

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Syfy Wire Staff
Sep 4, 2017

Harley Quinn has an interesting origin story. Actually, she has a few. For one, the comic book character actually got her start in Batman the Animated Series long before she made her way to the pages of DC Comics.

She also has a few origins within those pages, though she always gets her start as a therapist to Gotham's biggest bad guys, including the Joker. In some versions, she falls in love with the Clown Prince of crime and turns herself into his Harlequin sidekick. In more recent versions, she falls in love with him first, but Joker tortures her into insanity, causing her to become just as crazy as he is.

Regardless of her character biography, Harley's origins behind the scenes are just as fascinating as those between the panels. We all know she was created by Bruce Timm, but it's where he went for inspiration that's most surprising. Check out the video below to learn more.