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WATCH: Hero Hair co-founders take superhero cosplay wigs to the next level

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Nov 30, 2018, 2:11 PM EST (Updated)

For serious cosplayers, simply getting an accurate costume isn’t always enough to complete the look. Physical resemblance can go a long way towards getting the perfect costume. But not everyone was gifted with luscious locks of superhero hair. That’s where Hero Hair comes in. This company prides itself on making some of the most screen-accurate cosplay wigs and facial hair available. Hero Hair doesn’t just provide customized hand-tailored wigs, it also helps fans complete the “transformative illusion’ that lets them become their favorite characters.  

SYFY WIRE caught up with Hero Hair co-founders Erin Kennedy Lunsford and Travis Cowsill at a convention earlier this year, and they told us how they offer a service that goes above and beyond the call of duty for cosplayers who want to reach the next level. 

“Our company never stopped at selling product,” explained Cowsill. “Because of the personal nature of what we do, we’re crowning and elevating their cosplays. It’s a collaborative effort. We not only have to introduce them to a level of wig they’re not used to and have never experienced before, but also how to wear them, maintain them, crown them. [We’re] kind of nesting parents with that long term [relationship]...We bring cosplayers in, and over the course of months and then years, we nurture them into being professional wig wearers.”

If you’re interested in getting your own cosplay wig from Hero Hair, their official site has all of the details you’ll need to pursue that. For more insights into their impressive custom wigs, check out our full video with Lunsford and Cowsill. Then leave a comment for us below!