Watch hilarious fake Star Wars trailer mashed up from blooper reel

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Nov 4, 2013

Ever been curious what’d have happened if George Lucas traded in the melodrama for a more Spaceballs-style take on Star Wars? Well, wonder no more.

That recently unearthed blooper reel proved that Star Wars could’ve been a whole lot goofier if they’d kept some of the gaffes in — and a new, fake trailer mashed up from that footage pays off all that ridiculous potential. From Han Solo eating a microphone to Luke Skywalker trying to figure out how to pronounce "supernova," it's all here.

Produced by Slacktory, the clip is a pretty hilarious way to take advantage of some of those extremely weird blooper bits, and is a nice way to keep the franchise fresh in our minds while we wait to see if J.J. Abrams can crank out that new Star Wars sequel by the end of 2015.

Check out the fake trailer above and let us know what you think. 

(Via Mental Floss)

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