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WATCH: Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Gifts for Geeks

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Nov 21, 2018, 8:15 PM EST

Are you a geek shopping for the other geeks in your life? Sometimes, that’s the best part of the holiday season! When you’re with someone who shares your geeky passions, shopping for them is a lot like shopping for yourself. And even if your tastes don’t line up exactly, it’s a lot easier to nail down a perfect gift if you know what your loved ones really want. The world of geekdom is bigger than ever, and SYFY WIRE’s Gifts for Geeks guide is here to help sort through the holiday clutter.

There’s so much merchandise in this video that it’s hard to keep up with it all. You may notice that Dany is rockin’ a Rick and Morty-inspired jacket with a seemingly infinite number of Pickle Ricks. As for Jackie, she’s going for a Dark Knight holiday with her Batman Ugly Christmas sweater.

If you’re looking for some of the best adventure films of all time, Paramount’s Indiana Jones Blu-ray collection may catch your eye. Speaking of eyes, there’s a deep cut Rick and Morty cereal called Eyeholes, which appeared briefly in the series. It’s from a reality where the cereal spokesman will actually attack you if you eat their cereal. Talk about a hard sell! We’re pretty sure he doesn’t exist in our reality, but you may want to leave that in the package just to be sure.

We covered an incredible number of geek gifts, but if you want to see them all you'll just have to check out the entire video. Thank you to Entertainment EarthFunkoFYE (For Your Entertainment), HallmarkLEGOMerchoid, Paramount Home Entertainment, and ThinkGeek!