WATCH: How Spider-Man became Marvel's first crossover superstar

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Aug 2, 2017

What was your first exposure to Spider-Man? Was it the comics or toys or one of the many animated series? Maybe it was the Tobey Maguire films that first turned you on to Spidey? Or perhaps the Andrew Garfield movies (though we sincerely hope not).

The entry point into the world of Spider-Man could be any of several dozen, because out of all the characters birthed from the House of Ideas, none has proven to have the crossover appeal of May Parker's favorite nephew. In his 55 years of existence, Spider-Man has truly been an amazing source of multi-media material. The list is staggering, as you can see in our video below.

Spidey has starred on screens big and small, inspired a rock opera, leaped onto the Broadway stage, appeared in traveling stunt spectaculars, and led the way in numerous video games. Sure, some of it went sideways quick, and we don't avoid the clunkers. But it's still fascinating to see the expanse of Spidey's media adventures. It's also cool to see the people who he crossed paths with in various mediums, including Oscar and award winners.

We thought we knew all of the web spinner's appearances and the related details, but in putting together this fun feature, we discovered plenty of fun facts we weren't aware of. So sit back and enjoy our video, then hit the comments and tell us which Spidey appearance was your first.