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WATCH: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, aka The Whos Had It Coming

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Nov 7, 2018, 5:00 PM EST

The Grinch is a maligned figure in the pantheon of Seussian fiction. Or, better stated, the Grinch is maligned until he learns to stop worrying and love the, uh... Christmas. After that, he's cool in most people's books.

Here's the thing, though: plenty of people don't celebrate, don't like, and even downright detest Christmas. Are all of them wrong? Bad? Evil? When I walk to my subway train IN OCTOBER and there's bells, holly, and garland already hanging from the tracks above, is it a crime to find that sort of irritating?

To paraphrase Ol' Saint Nick himself, "No, no, no!" And in that spirit, I contend right here and now, that there are shades of grey (or green, I guess) when it comes to the Grinch's hatred of Santa's busiest work day.

Specifically, it is my belief that not only is it okay for the Grinch to not like Christmas, but the Whos actually deserve the grief he gives them.

What do you say, fellow Grinches? Do you find the Whos as annoying as I do the Grinch does? Or do you love Christmas no matter how hollow? By all means, contend this very hot take that Christmas and the Whos are bad.