Watch: Hugh Jackman breaks down the ending of Logan (SPOILERS, obviously)

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Jan 8, 2019, 11:00 AM EST (Updated)

Logan marks the end of an era for the Wolverine franchise, so we chatted with star Hugh Jackman to break down the film's ending.


Jackman dug into what it meant to him to utter the final line in the film and what it's meant to him to portray this character for so many years. He talks about the smaller scale of Loganand what it was like to wrap up Wolverine's story in a story that doesn’t have world-ending stakes. Instead, it has deeply personal stakes — which makes for an "epic and intimate" end to the franchise.

Along with Jackman, we also caught up with co-star Patrick Stewart to talk about what it was like to introduce X-23 to the live-action world of X-Men and the character's legacy and role in this story. He also praises the work of young actress Dafne Keen and the way she brings so much nuance and intensity to this young mutant girl.

Check out the interviews below. Logan is now in theaters.

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