Ian Ziering And Tara Reid Play Either/Or (Including Sharknado Vs. Meg) | SYFY WIRE

WATCH: Ian Ziering and Tara Reid play Either/Or (including Sharknado vs The Meg)

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Aug 29, 2018, 3:05 PM EDT

This might be the weirdest thing Tara Reid and Ian Ziering have ever done.

As you can see in this video, we challenged the stars of SYFY's The Last Sharknado: It's About Time to a game of Either/Or, and some questions could mean the ultimate betrayal — like choosing either The Meg or Sharknado!

Spoiler alert: Of course somebody had to say The Meg. You knew this was coming. Reid insisted that she got sucked in by the raw power of a shark so huge it was like Jaws on steroids, but Ziering was ready to bite back with his own take on why Sharknado 6 could eat The Meg alive. He believes that the $150 million spent on Jason Statham's recent movie was just not obvious enough, even though its monster animatronic shark probably devoured some of those millions in the process.

“We’re a TV movie, and after Sharknado 2 there were already over a billion Twitter impressions,” Ziering said. The internet doesn’t lie.

Then you have to remember that The Meg didn’t have sharks on surfboards, flying sharks, dragon sharks, robot sharks, sharks as ammo, dinosaurs, time travel, lasers, androids, or Alaska 5000 fluttering her mile-long lashes saying “byeeeeeeee!”

Sharknado’s so bad it’s good,” Reid finally admitted.

So what other burning questions were these two subjected to besides the obvious one that could have ended up in all-out war? If you were in Sharknado, everyone is going to be dying to know your favorite shark. Reid prefers the hammerhead, with eyes on either side of its alien cranium. Ziering would rather go with the tiger shark, an alpha predator that uses fierce speed to sneak up on prey, and sometimes even goes cannibal and eats other sharks.

As for what Reid and Ziering actually eat, they both prefer burgers and waffle fries to regular fries and hot dogs. Cotton candy also rules over candy corn. No bloody raw flesh here.

Watch to find out more about what the survivors of SYFY's Sharknado 6 are into, then let us know your Either/Or answers in the comments!