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Watch an incredible Man of Steel trailer re-creation done in Minecraft

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May 28, 2013

Who knew that blocks could get you this emotional?

We've covered the awesome things gaming geeks have constructed in the sandbox game Minecraft here before, but there seems to be no limit to what players can do given enough time and creativity. This time we're turning our attention to the Minecraft-crazy minds at Steelehouse Digital, and their Man of Steel trailer re-creation "Mine of Steel - An Ideal of Hope."

Using most of the major set pieces from the third full-length Man of Steel trailer (which we've included below so you can compare), Steelehouse has built this amazingly detailed Minecraft version of Zack Snyder's vision, and they've matched most of it right down to the lighting. Check it out above and be amazed. Then, if you feel like it, watch the actual Man of Steel footage it mimics below. 

 (Via Machinima)

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