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WATCH: Incredibles 2 cast talks about the sequel and super powers at the world premiere

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Jun 7, 2018, 2:39 PM EDT (Updated)

14 years ago, Disney and Pixar's The Incredibles hit the big screen and introduced movie lovers to a new family of superheroes. Ever since, fans have been clamoring for a sequel. Next week, Incredibles 2 will finally arrive in theaters. SYFY WIRE's Andre Meadows attended the film's world premiere at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, and one of the first familiar faces he ran into was Edna Mode. No kidding!

Some time later, we ran into director Brad Bird, who succinctly explained why he didn't rush a sequel out and why he finds The Incredibles to be an "strangely personal" experience after shepherding it from start to finish.

Composer Michael Giacchino admitted that he was reluctant to return fo Incredibles 2, but revealed that Bird convinced him by showing him the sequel and told him that "'you're going to walk out going hey, that was an Incredibles movie, but not the one I thought I was gonna see.'"

"There's a lot of superheroes, but this is first and foremost a family," explained Holly Hunter, who portrays Elasti-Girl in the film. "We all are generally, if we're lucky, we're part of one for better or for worse. So I think people recognize both the good and the bad about being in a family." Hunter went on to tell us that Elasti-Girl will live up to her potential as a heroine in this movie and that she had a lot of fun with that storyline.

Sarah Vowell revealed that she still loves Violet's ambition to go out and save the world... and she may have spoiled the fate of Violet's first relationship with a boy she likes. Spoilers!

We also caught up with the new Dash, Huck Milner; as well as Pixar's good luck charm, John Ratzenberger, who is reprising his role as the Underminer. The cast even shared which super powers they want in real life, but you'll have to watch the video to get those details!