WATCH: Inside the greatest Spider-Man comics battle ever

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:07 AM EDT (Updated)

Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man is getting back to basics and as part of the new Marvel Legacy campaign will recalibrate to its original numbering system that started 54 years ago in 1963.

That means that the new issue swinging into comic shops on Wednesday, October 11 will be Amazing Spider-Man #789 and sends Peter Parker back to his scrappy, underdog roots at The Daily Bugle in a mysterious capacity after the fall of Parker Industries.


SYFY WIRE cornered writer Dan Slott at NYCC and asked him about the big countdown to Amazing Spider-Man #800 and what potential changes or payoffs fans can anticipate.

Slott hints that by issue #794, Spidey faithful are going to learn exactly what the "ticking time-bomb" is and will be able to prepare for what the Marvel creator calls the "greatest Spider-Man battle of all time."

Listen in and tell us if you'll follow along when Peter Parker's world comes tumbling down for Marvel Legacy beginning this week.


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